DIY Paintable Android Figurines Coming This August

Project your true inner geek onto this paintable mini Android. The $6 Do It Yourself Android will be available at Comic-Con this week and should pop up for sale on Dyzplastics in early August.


But its not just dressing up Google's Android; you can make the little guy stand out anyway you want. Illustrator Sam Spratt got creative with a few mini Androids:



I'm still waiting on Dyzplastics original Android mini collectibles Series 01 to be back in stock.


From Dyzplastics:

Our initial stock of figures is small, at first they will be available at the online Android collectible shop (link coming soon!). In a few weeks the rest will be available at select retailers. After that you'll probably have to wait a few months!

Check back here and on the blog for a list of some places to get your hands on our robots!


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