Google Drops Nexus One

Google for the time being, is no longer in the hardware business.


Despite being one of the best smartphones in 2010, the sales numbers for Google's Nexus One were dismal. In the same amount of time it took Apple to sell 1 million iPhones, Google only sold 135,000 of the Android-powered Nexus. Not as bad as the Microsoft Kin, but no where near enough to continue supporting the device.


Google is discontinuing the Nexus One altogether. The company announced that it received its final order from HTC.


There are a ton of phones available running on Android and by one measure, it is even outpacing iOS. But the Nexus One was the Google phone, as opposed to simply an Android phone. Customers will still be able to buy the Nexus One in Europe and developers will be able to lay their hands on it for the time being.


Customer service will still be provided for the Nexus One, even after it is no longer available from Google.


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