Proof That Cellphones Can Make Great Cameras

Gizmodo issued a Shooting Challenge for Cellphone Photography when the iPhone 4 came out back in June. Here were the details:


The Challenge

To capture a photo with a cameraphone that wasn't edited on a computer. (In-cellphone manipulation was totally fine.) People could shoot whatever they liked, but anyone who exploited the medium in a particularly clever fashion got bonus points.


The Method

Giz approved something that may have been seen as controversial; Use of any camera apps was allowed. Gizmodo writer Mark Wilson gave a good reason behind this:

From cameraphone submissions I've seen week to week, what you'd think would be hokey filters can do a lot to stretch the otherwise sad resolutions, color and dynamic ranges of cellphone-based photography.


The Rules

1. Submissions need to be your own.
2. Photos need to be taken the week of the contest. (No portfolio linking or it spoils the "challenge" part.)
3. Explain, briefly, the equipment, settings, technique and story behind shot.
4. Email submissions to, not me.
5. Include 800px wide image (200KB or less)
6. One submission per person.


The deadline was June 27, 2010.


After receiving over 395 Photo entries, Wilson had this to say about the winner:

It was impossible to pick a winner this week, and after changing my mind several times—no thanks to every Giz editor's varied opinion—I'm perfectly happy for this fine shot to represent the talent of the group. It's a great photo that would have been hard to imagine someone taking on a cellphone a few years back, and excellent use of an app to boot.


The Winner

iPhone 3GS + HDR App

Taken with iPhone 3GS using HDR app. Standing in the parking lot of my work during sundown and had to capture this shot. Pic taken in Centennial, Colorado.
- Justin Deavers


This is an unbelievable photo taken with late model iPhone 3GS! Even though this photo is great, the shot of the moon (shown below) is my personal favorite. Here are some more outstanding and in some cases very clever photos:


HTC Incredible + DVD Lens

Taken with my HTC Incredible with a dvd lens from my husbands spare parts computer stuck to the outside to act as a macro lens. No editing was done to picture.
-Ashley Winder


Phone Unspecified

There was a storm nearby and a tree fell on my girlfriends roof. It was cut into pieces to take it out of the house. The tree was an "Eucalipto", the program i used was PS Mobile, took the picture, full contrast, full sharpen (gave the fire effects), some saturation and thats it!
-Bernal González Orellana


HTC Incredible

Nothing says summer like a sweaty pint glass, recently emptied of its "gins and tonics" contents, and nothing says cellphone photo like not having to leave the porch to fetch the old DSLR and macro lens. Shot, resized and emailed with an HTC Incredible, using PicSayPro and Gmail. The glass, of course, is a Rolling Rock novelty pint, and it had homemade quinine syrup, penguin seltzer and Tanqueray. Oh, and ice.
- Noah Montena


Phone Unspecified

This was shot with a Motorola Droid on June 25th with no real adjustment to the camera settings. Taken in the evening at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles, California at the Exposition Park. At the time me and couple friends wandered over to see Basement Jaxx performing and I wanted to share this image to my other friends and happen to get the shot as the lights hit directly at my phone.
-David Wu


Phone Unspecified

I've taken this photo leaving school tonight. I was studying the whole day for my exams, in the new library of the EPFL, the Learning Center. By leaving the Learning Center after a tough day, I enjoyed the the sunset, walked a bit further a I thought "No way, I've to take a picture of this". (As you may not know, the weather was horrible these two last weeks in Switzerland. Today was the first day we could go outside without a jacket :D ). I went back, aligned to have a nice reflexion of sunset in the Learning Center windows and shot.
-Donovan Koch


Motorola Droid

I'm trying to capture the prettier side of roller coasters without the stigma of bright colors/clown show that a park PR or park visiter might take. The lack of a coaster train almost makes the ride seem as if its closed or forgotten.
-Robert Gasper


iPhone 3GS + Best Cam App

I took this photograph on a rainy Thursday evening while my car idled at the red light and train tracks in Depot Town, a historic district of Ypsilanti, Michigan. The photograph was taken with an iPhone 3G just before the light turned green. The mobile app "Best Cam by Chase Jarvis" allowed me to apply the "Jewel" filter, which brightened up the colors.
[Giz note: big, the shot gets a bit blurry, but small, I like that the water drops look like suspended sparks]
-Diana Madrigal


iPhone 3GS + Telescope + Camera+ App

For this photo I used the app Camera+ to shoot, with the Stabilizer function activated. I positioned the iPhone on a telescope lens, and took the picture. After I used PSMobile just for exposure, saturation, contrast ajustments etc...
-Rafael Valério


It's hard to deny the power of recent cell phone cameras. So what do you think of these photos? Let me know in the comments!


Read the full post and see all 395 photos at Gizmodo.

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