So You Thought You’ve Pirated Everything Huh?

Just because vinyl records are analog, it doesn't mean you can't pirate them. All you need:

  • A Wood Box
  • Glass
  • Window Cement
  • Silicone Mixture
  • Liquid Plastic
  • A Drill Press

Yeah I know, that doesn't sound easy. Well not all piracy is fun and games.


But if you have some free time to kill. He is a quick run down:

Step 1: Make a box out of wooden strips around a glass plate. Make sure everything is air tight by sealing off the edges using window cement.

Step 2: With the side of the record facing upward, place the record inside the box. Put some window cement where the whole in record is located.

Step 3: Mix the silicone (use smooth on OOMOO 30 or OOMOO 25) for a good 3 minutes before placing into your mold.

Step 4: Pour! Try to start from one corner and let it fill-up the mold. Half a centimeter should be good, but make sure it's even. Now let it dry for 6 hours.

Step 5: Carefully peel the silicone from the cast. Use a cutter to remove the excess.

Step 6: Pour the liquid plastic on top of the silicon cast.

Step 7: You can brush off air bubble you may see, but make sure nothing spills over the round form.

Step 8: Very carefully loosen the plate from the silicone form. Now here is the fun part; using a drill press, bore a hole through the center of the plate. You can also use the silicone form as template make more copies.


You have your very own pirated record.



Want to know how records are made? Check out

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