Want More Money In Your Pocket? Go Green

Frugal living blog Wise Bread has an excellent post on ways to save money by going green.


With all the environmental disasters we've been facing lately, it's easy to feel helpless about the state of our world. You may feel frustrated and even compelled to protest the big picture issues we've been experiencing. But rather than fall into this mood, Wise Bread suggests that we take a look at those things we have a bit more control over.


This post continues to explain that having control over some things may help lessen some of the frustrations we feel:

  • The Electricity Bill
    • Get in the habit of turning the thermostat down. Even doing this by just a couple of degrees can make a dent in your electricity bill, and you'll hardly notice the difference in your home.
    • Unplug your electronics, particularly "energy vampires," or appliances that are heavy energy users. While it's been reported to save only around 30 to 60 kilowatt hours a month in an average house, you may want to do this more for the sake of reducing CO2 emissions.
    • The Home Office. When it comes down to where your energy hogs are at home, don't look any further. It's the perfect place to use an eco-socket (or power strip). The Conserve Valet from Belkin is a great example.

  • Around The Yard
    • Another way to save is to recycle as much as you can at home. Get a compost bin and start chucking all your garden rubbish in it, as well as some of your compostable kitchen rubbish as well.
    • If you've got a garden, then you can also try growing your own fruit trees and vegetables, which can be quite rewarding. One great benefit? It allows you to grow produce that is truly organic and free of pesticides and other additives.
    • Buying things secondhand from yard sales and online sites like Craigslist and eBay is another great way to promote recycling.


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These are fantastic tips to save money while also help save the planet.


So have you got any tips for saving money and the environment that have worked well for you? Let me know in the comments!


You can read the full post at Wise Bread.

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