America’s First EV Quick Charge Station in Portland

Portland, Oregon became the first city in the US to have a public* quick charging station for electric vehicles. This charging station should charge a battery to about 80% in just half an hour. It was installed by Portland General Electric (PGE) in a parking lot located at their headquarters.


Portland First Quick Charge Station

*Even though technically public, this charging station is located in their parking lot and not on the street. So the station is really only public for PGE pass holders only.

[Update]: From an Engadget reader; apparently it costs $3 to park, but the charging is free. So charge away Portland!


The grand opening was led by Governor Ted Kulongoski, charging a Nissan Leaf.

The Governor had this to say:

Quick-charging stations are an exciting advancement in our effort to bring electric vehicles to Oregon. By making charging convenient and available for public use, we are telling car manufacturers that Oregon is ready for the next generation of electric vehicles.


Portlands Quick Charge Station

It’s good to see some states taking the steps necessary to move towards EV’s. Hopefully other states will come on board soon.


What do you think of the new wave of Electric Vehicles?


Read more about the EV Quick Charge Station at Engadget and Inhabitat.

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