Boomerang for Gmail: A Smart Way to Manage Your Inbox

Did you wish you could schedule the emails you send and receive for a later time? Well with the Chrome and Firefox Extension Boomerang you may get your wish.

Boomerang will let you schedule emails to show up in your inbox when you’re ready. You can also schedule sent messages, for example if you wanted to send a timed “thank you” message or schedule a happy birthday email.


How it Works

It works by placing a Boomerang drop-down menu in your Gmail message bar. You choose when and how to schedule your message. Common options like in an hour, tomorrow, and next week are readily available but you can also choose a specific time.

What’s really nice about scheduling with specificity is that you don’t have to entire an exact date and time stamp if you don’t want to. You can enter things like “next Wednesday” or “Today at 5:00 PM” instead.



Boomerang is worth a look if you are frequently frustrated with your inbox. Right now it’s in private beta, but you may be able to find some invites floating around the interwebs.


Check out Boomerang for Gmail

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