Papermaster is Shredded by Apple

Jason O’Grady from ZDNet has a great article on Mark Papermaster, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Devices Hardware Engineering, losing his job due to “Antennagate”. Papermaster has worked at Apple since April 2009 after leaving IBM.


This is what O’Grady had to say:

Speculation abounds that he’s the first casualty of the iPhone 4’s problematic antenna design, but neither Apple nor Papermaster have given a reason for the departure. One could reasonably assume that he may have been asked to resign for the design flaw in Apple’s golden goose — the iPhone 4.

It’s suspect antenna design has been a publicity disaster for Apple — dubbed “Antennagate” –and has lead to rumors that its successor (the iPhone 5) is being to rushed to market and that it could come as soon as in January 2011 — six months earlier than the traditional summer time frame for iPhone launches.


Someone had to pay for “Antennagate” and it looks like Papermaster is the first. It also looks like Apple is trying to sweep iPhone 4 under the proverbial rug and get iPhone 5 out ASAP.


Could we see a new iPhone by the holiday season? Will we see anymore job loss at Apple due to this fiasco?

Read Jason O’Grady’s full article at ZDNet.

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